BVRLA launches new, ‘clearer’ HGV Fair Wear and Tear Guide

The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) launched an all-new version of the HGV Fair Wear and Tear Guide last week, to provide fleets and hauliers with ‘a clearer understanding of what constitutes fair wear and tear when returning leased vehicles’.

The BVRLA believe that their updated guide will shed some much needed light upon official definitions of ‘fair wear and tear’ – a concept which is often criticised for its ambiguity.

Under the new guide, leasing companies will have an obligation to provide fleet operators with clear information at the beginning of all leases to help both parties satisfy the necessary return standards.

Nora Leggett, director of member services at BVRLA, said: “BVRLA members accept that commercial vehicles are working vehicles and a certain amount of deterioration is acceptable through normal usage over time.

“Fleets and individuals should not be deterred from hiring trucks through fear of end-of-contract charges, and this guide assures HGV operators of professional service from BVRLA members.

“The guide makes it clearer than ever that customers will not be charged for fair wear and tear, and is backed up by our mandatory Code of Conduct and Conciliation Service.”

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